Data Protection Statement

As you may have heard, businesses in the UK are subject to new data protection laws, which include ensuring that you are aware of both your rights and how we, as a company, use your data.

Your data is stored and used by Your Money Back Ltd. You can contact us on 0161 813 2829 between 10am and 6pm Monday to Friday. You can also e-mail us at, or write to us at The HQ Building, Clippers Quay, Salford M50 3XP. Our website is

Your Money Back is a business dedicated to providing consumers with excellent service. We only use your data to action requests you have placed with us, to contact you regarding your requests, and, should you agree that we may do so, to keep you informed of any future products or services we believe you may be interested in.

In order to process your order we need to share your information with the lenders you have asked us to check.

Your signed documents, once returned to us will be electronically stored by a company based in the USA. The company has international recognition as having adequate data protection standards as defined by the EU.

We will retain your name, address, telephone number and order summary information for 5 years in order that we can stay in touch with you. If we have not communicated with you further during this time, we will delete the personal data we hold regarding you at the end of this period.

If at any point you wish to see a copy of the data we hold on you, details of how we use and store your data, or receive further details regarding your rights, you can request this from us via phone or e-mail using the details above.

If any data we hold regarding you is incorrect, you may request a correction to your data at any time.

You may also request that we cease processing your data at any time or to object to our continued use of your data. This does not affect any processing that has been carried out prior to your request being received.

You also have the right to request that we delete any or all personal data Your Money Back Ltd holds on you at any time. The only reason we would not carry out this request is if it would result in us being in breach of other legal or regulatory obligations we have, but we would always inform you at the time were this the case.

If for any reason you are unhappy with our use of your data and wish to lodge a complaint, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office as the supervisory authority within the UK. You can do so using their website at by clicking the “Report a concern” link and then following the steps found on the page.

While you do not have to give us permission to use your data, unfortunately we would be unable to fulfil our service without your permission.

Your name, address and telephone number was supplied to us by Experian, Thompsons Directories, Media Tactics & Verso- companies based in the UK and approved by the Direct Marketing Association.